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New Places
Lake Days
Meeting New Friends
Being Outdoors
Tex Mex

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I spend an extensive amount of time getting to know my clients, and more often than not, they become dear friends and stay in my life!

Connection is everything to me. It’s what sparks joy in your eyes, eases your shoulders, and exudes authenticity. That’s the magic that makes a photograph so much more than an image on glossy paper or pixels on a screen.

Your photographer is everywhere on the wedding day. They are in the room with the bride getting ready, capturing the ‘first look,’ and just steps away while you say, “I do.” I consider it an opportunity to make every moment memorable. I want you to have fun with your people. You should cherish your wedding day, and it’s my hope your wedding gallery will help you remember your day and all its details, big and small.

My Family

Photography (Duh!)


My family often spent summers at the lake or sleeping in a tent beside a campfire when I was young.  Now I have an insatiable love for the outdoors, thanks to those special childhood memories.  Well, the outdoors, and lots of tex-mex. :) 

I’ve always held deep appreciation and admiration for my two older brothers. Watching them have children of their own is the best. I love being an aunt! The handsome little guy in the photos is my nephew, Bo. His laugh is contagious. 

Photography was something I picked up more seriously in college to help me see the world in a new light. I got my first DSLR camera shortly after my parents’ divorce. It became a means of choosing perspective, holding onto hope, and seeking God’s goodness in every season.

Photography as a career wasn’t a thought until college, but I have always loved it. I used to spend hours on the floor in my bedroom with photos, patterned paper, and stickers scattered across the floor. I still have my old scrapbooks! I joined the yearbook team in High School, which really sparked my interest in storytelling with a camera and keeping moments close. 

In college, I made an impressive $8 an hour at my on-campus marketing job. My budget was tight, but I had the best time taking photos for campus events, and it was the perfect opportunity to grow in skill and practice. 

One day, a sweet couple asked me to photograph their wedding set for November of 2014. I had never done anything like a wedding, so I was nervous. After I received the feedback from their wedding photos, I applied to become a legal business. I was up and running by the following summer! I still think their trust in me convinced me that I had a gift to share. 

I call Texas home. I was born and raised here and have lived here all my life, but I love to travel. 

I am fortunate to have couples who have invited me to Wisconsin, Florida, Jamaica, Michigan, Colorado, Tennessee, and numerous cities across Texas. 

Often, I am the friend who spontaneously texts pals with cheap flight options, a strategy for where to stay, and a cost breakdown. I do this in hopes of convincing them of all the fun we could have. Needless to say, I am willing and eager to be your photographer- for weddings near and far!

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I am slowly trying to start a rollerblade club for leisure bladers who love the outdoors but live in a city.

How I spend my time...

I am a Graphic Designer by day, and work tirelessly on all things BPP branding, in my own time.

I lose all my dignity dancing sober with friends at weddings

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 my life