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I got married summer of 2022, so I can relate to a lot of what you are going through and I have a whole new level of empathy and excitement for every one of my clients. My husband and I also added a new little guy to our family February 7, 2024! I know first hand, finding someone you trust to photograph your day and these moments is a big deal and I don't take that lightly.  I pride myself in business for being dedicated, professional, fun and truthful.

Connection is everything to me. It’s what sparks joy in your eyes, eases your shoulders, and exudes authenticity. That’s the magic that makes a photograph so much more than an image in an album or pixels on a screen and it's what I love most about this job and getting to serve people like you!

My Family



I married my best friend, Zack Laffey on July 30, 2022 and it was the best day ever!! I don't think I will be able to photograph weddings in the same way I did prior to experiencing the day from your shoes. We also had the joy of adding our son, Alden to our family on Feb. 7, 2024 and he is an absolute gift from God.

Photography as a career wasn’t a thought until college, but I have always loved it. I used to spend hours on the floor in my bedroom with photos, patterned paper, and stickers scattered across the floor. I still have my old scrapbooks! I joined the yearbook team in High School, which really sparked my interest in storytelling with a camera and keeping moments close. 

One day, in college, a sweet couple asked me to photograph their wedding set for November of 2014. I had never done anything like a wedding, so I was nervous. After I received the feedback from their wedding photos, and loved every part of the wedding day, I applied to become a legal business. I was up and running by the following summer! I still think their trust in me convinced me that I had a gift to share and I have been doing it professionally since then.

I call Texas home. I was born and raised here and have lived here all my life, but I love to travel. My family lives near Houston, my  in-laws live on the east coast of Florida and our favorite place is in NE Tennessee so we seem to always be on the go. 

I am fortunate to have couples who have invited me to Wisconsin, Florida, Jamaica, Michigan, Colorado, Tennessee, and numerous cities across Texas. Let's document your story together, wherever it's told best! 

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