Tennessee garden nursery wedding for high school sweethearts, John Michael and Abby


In June, I had the opportunity to photograph Abby and John Michael say “I do” right outside of Nashville, TN at Long Hollow Gardens Center. I was welcomed to Nash for a few days prior to the wedding by the kindest friends and hosts, making it truly just the sweetest stay! I felt as if I lived there.

Abby was on summer staff with me at Pinecove last year and she is absolutely incredible. Her and John Michael were high school sweethearts and went to UT together. (Go vols?!) Abby talked so highly of JM last summer that I knew he must be awesome and a man of stand up character. All these things were affirmed as I sat at their rehearsal dinner hearing story after story of how incredible and loved they truly are by one of the coolest communities of other high school sweethearts. Apparently their youth group breaded young lifelong sweethearts. haha

Abby, thank you for asking me to be a part of your GORGEOUS wedding day. You are a fearless, confident and beautiful women who reflects Jesus in all you do and I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see you kill it as the regional director for Delight ministries. You also make one stunning bride and are going to be such an amazing help mate for John Michael. This is is way I really love capturing stories, because God designed each of them and He is really good at it.



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