Going to the chapel – a timeless and classy North Houston wedding


I had the honor of photographing these high school sweethearts, Aaron + Sarah, say “I do” at Balmorhea Wedding Venue in Magnolia, TX in February.  In 2017, after I completed the Forge, I worked at Pine Cove camps in Columbus, TX at their middle school and high school camp. This is where I got to work alongside both Aaron and Sarah. Aaron or “French Fly” as we called him is one of the funniest and outgoing people I have ever met. These two have dated for years and I truly am such a fan of them. Sarah is kind and gracious and sweet and it’s so evident that Aaron adores her. Both their families were incredible and the ceremony was so beautiful. Two of their friends sang “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” while Sarah + Aaron shared communion.  If you know me well, you know this is one of my all time favorites, not to mention their friends were insanely talented.

This morning started off with some showers so I was a bit nervous, but the skies cleared just in time for photos, which is always a blessing! This gorgeous ceremony space was back lit which can make clear, light images really tricky, so I had fun playing with some darker shadows and using the direct light to create more artistic shots. I hope you love the photos!

Unforgettable Floral of College Station knocked the florals out of the park. This photo is still my screensaver, almost three weeks later.  Hastings_Details1Hastings_Details3Hastings_Details16Hastings_GettingReady1Hastings_GettingReady11Hastings_GettingReady50Hastings_GettingReady39Hastings_Portraits8Hastings_WeddingParty4Hastings_WeddingParty1Hastings_Portraits24Hastings_Portraits27Hastings_GettingReady97Hastings_WeddingParty82Hastings_WeddingParty70Hastings_WeddingParty160Hastings_Details19Hastings_Ceremony7Hastings_Ceremony8Hastings_Ceremony26Hastings_Ceremony11Hastings_Ceremony34Hastings_Ceremony42Hastings_Ceremony55Hastings_Ceremony57Hastings_Ceremony61Hastings_Ceremony75Hastings_Ceremony67Hastings_Ceremony108Hastings_Ceremony112Hastings_Details22Hastings_Ceremony87Hastings_Portraits37Hastings_Portraits65Hastings_Portraits74Hastings_Portraits82Hastings_Portraits95Hastings_Portraits127Hastings_Portraits125Hastings_Portraits91Hastings_Portraits150Hastings_Portraits167Hastings_Portraits184Hastings_Details49Hastings_Details34Hastings_Details39Hastings_Details24Hastings_Reception41Hastings_Reception17Hastings_Reception55Hastings_Reception147Hastings_Reception158Hastings_Reception244Hastings_Reception198Hastings_Reception188Hastings_Reception104Hastings_Reception267One of my favorite parts about their wedding, besides a beautiful ceremony, was when “We lift your hands in the sanctuary” came on during the reception and everyone was singing along. It was incredible. Aaron is in flight school and so for there send off they had small airplanes and I thought this was a unique and personal touch to this day. (I’m always encouraging couples to do little things that make their day special to them.)