A little blue to the Brik venue, full of character and charm


Mackenzie and Connor were married at Brik in Fort Worth in early march, just before Covid 19 canceled all gatherings of more than 10 people. It was the last wedding I got to photograph for a while and although that’s a little sad, this wedding was anything but that.

Mack and I have been friends since 2016 when she helped recruit me for a discipleship program at Pinecove camps. Her friendship was quick and easy. Mack was one of the most hospitable people when I came to Dallas many weekends that year to photograph weddings. She essentially welcomed me whenever I needed it, as her roommate. Mackenzie is one of those people who make you feel really cared for and valued and remembers the smallest details about your life. Connor is even keeled and kind. He is super fun and he loves his bride! Their wedding day was nothing short of a party, surrounded by the people they love and cherish. As always, I am so grateful to be invited into moments like this. ES4A1271.jpgEI2A9301.jpgDSC00784.jpgES4A9893.jpgES4A9926.jpgES4A0008.jpgES4A9980.jpgES4A9880.jpgES4A0048.jpgES4A0136.jpgES4A0179.jpgES4A0203.jpgES4A0277.jpgES4A0353.jpgES4A0816.jpgEI2A9563.jpgEI2A9315.jpgES4A0090.jpgES4A0721.jpgES4A0557.jpgES4A0702.jpgES4A0738.jpgES4A0440.jpgES4A0724.jpgDSC00246.jpgDSC00321.jpgES4A0360.jpgEI2A9388.jpgDSC00378.jpgDSC00456.jpgEI2A9666.jpgDSC00619.jpgDSC00530.jpgDSC00486.jpgDSC00638.jpgDSC00652.jpgDSC00686.jpgES4A1069.jpgES4A1169.jpgES4A1107.jpgEI2A9727.jpgES4A1252.jpgDSC00810.jpgDSC00853.jpgEI2A9786.jpgES4A1563.jpgES4A1590.jpgES4A1376.jpgES4A1474.jpgES4A1313.jpgES4A1295.jpgES4A1517.jpgES4A1504.jpgES4A0079.jpgEI2A9595.jpgES4A0912.jpgEI2A9584.jpgES4A0063.jpgDSC00922.jpgES4A1678.jpgES4A1808.jpgEI2A0011.jpgEI2A9896.jpgDSC00885.jpgES4A2046.jpgES4A1956.jpgDSC00978.jpgES4A2076.jpgES4A2236.jpgES4A1734.jpgES4A2014.jpgEI2A0248.jpgES4A2039.jpgES4A2083.jpgES4A1971.jpgES4A2371.jpgES4A2564.jpgES4A2115.jpgES4A2003.jpgES4A2194.jpgES4A2611.jpgES4A2474.jpgES4A2485.jpg

Coordinator: Treasured Heart Events (Morgan)

Venue: Brik in Fort Worth, TX

Ceremony Music: Pheonix

Officiant: Ty Herring

Beaty: Tease to Please

Video: Carolines Biggers

Catering: Babes

Rentals: Awesome Catering

Florist: The Rogue Rose

Band: In10City

Bar @ Cocktail Hour: Sixty 6 and Co

Transportation: DFW vintage cars

Cake: Loft 22 Cakes

*Big thanks to Morgan for seeing me the list of vendors!