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Are you willing to travel for my wedding?

Yes, please! I am willing to travel within and outside of the United States for weddings and elopements. I would love to travel to your dream destination to capture your special day! 

What Camera do you use?

If you geek out over technology and gear, you may be wondering this. I am a Canon photographer, meaning I shoot primarily with a Canon 5D Mark iv camera body and own a variety of their lenses. I own a 50mm 1.2, 100 macro, 24-70mm, 135 mm, 35mm, and 24mm. Acquiring this collection took years, as you can imagine, and I am always on the market for what will best help me do this job well for my clients and their families. 

Will you shoot my wedding in a different style?

It has taken me years to hone the vision I have for my brand, style, and photography. It’s something I’m really proud of. I work hard to grow and develop my skill, but it’s important that I stick to my style for my business and future clients. There are innumerable photographers with numerous styles out there! If you’re looking for a style (moody, dark, dramatic, cinematic) that’s not mine, I have confidence that you will find the perfect fit!

Will you negotiate your price?

I understand photography can be really expensive. I have spent hours in consideration for the investment I charge. Photography is my passion, but it’s also my business. It takes time, effort, and attention to detail. For these reasons, I stick to the prices I have set for each package I offer. I hope they work for your budget, but if not, I hope (and can help) you find someone within your range!

When Can I anticipate seeing images from my wedding?

Per the contract and agreement with each client, I will deliver a full wedding gallery online within 6-10 weeks from your wedding date. I aim to send a sneak peek to couples within the first week of marriage to show all their family and friends!  

What is included in an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of working together because this is where we get to spend the most time together, and capture so many beautiful photos of you and your bride/groom before your wedding day. Sessions last 60-75 mins and include up to two outfits at one location. By contract, I will include a minimum of 75-90 edited digital images in an online gallery delivered to you within two weeks of your session. The recommended time for photos is 1-2 hours before sunset on sunny days for the best experience. The engagement session helps you become comfortable behind the camera while still ensuring stunning images to reflect this fun season you are in. Clients love to frame these photos in their homes, while wedding photos most often live in albums. 






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