A Late Fall in Dallas- Engagement Session

Engagement Photos

Elizabeth and Nate are getting married next September in North Houston at The Iron Manor which will finally end their long stretch of long distance. I am overjoyed to get to be a part of their wedding day and loved capturing this “late fall in Dallas, engagement session.” They are both graduating soon and used their Christmas break to drive up so we could shoot their December engagement session in Dallas, which really looked like a beautiful Fall day in other parts of the country. I absolutely loved getting to know this special couple more. They are so kind, intentional and photographing them together is so effortless. They clearly have a connection that is joyful and encouraging to witness and radiates the love of Christ.

It’s A Small World

When Elizabeth was inquiring about wedding photography, months ago, after finding me through another client from the summer, we realized this wasn’t our first encounter. Her mom helped her realize that at least 10 years ago, I was Lizzy’s camp counselor through Camp in the City at Pine Cove. Although this makes me feel really old, I LOVE that all these years later we have that connection. I loved getting to ask her about her relationship and hear about all God has done to get them both to this season of engagement. No story is the same and I am so excited to get to document this exciting season of their lives and their wedding day.

I am also SO grateful, despite the travel and scheduling, they were able to have their engagement photos done. I’m very subjective in this opinion, but I do feel like it’s really important.

The Why Behind Engagement Photos

I went to a Christmas party last night where chat GPT was a topic of conversation and out of curiosity (having never used it before) I asked chatGPT about engagement sessions. It had a lot of things to say most of which I already share with clients but wanted to take the opportunity to share them again.

Getting to know one another

Engagements sessions are the primary way you get to know and interact with your photographer prior to your wedding day. You spend so much time with them on your wedding day that inevitably, they have an impact on the day as a whole (regardless of any single image they produce). Building some level of trust and friendship before the wedding really does help the day flow more naturally for everyone. It also is one of the best ways to learn some poses, what you like or dislike and feel more comfortable in front of a lens.

More than a photoshoot

Chat GPT added that engagement sessions create “memories beyond the wedding day” and although I don’t think about this as often, it’s true! When my husband and I were engaged we made sure to make a whole date night out of the evening. Not only are the photos still do this day some of my absolute faves and hung throughout our home, but we had a special and fun date night to remember the season by.

Lastly, the time spent on a wedding day having portraits made is a lot more limited than the relaxed and fun engagement session. Your wedding day can be relaxed and fun too! I hope it is! But the reality is, you are more pressed for time on a wedding day than you are naturally during an engagement session.

This not only enables more of that relationship building, but also more natural posing, candid moments and leaves room for lots of creativity.

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