The Kelly Family


I absolutely loved getting to photograph this holiday session for some dear college friends, I haven’t seen in years. Their son is an absolute doll, their style has always been unmatched and the anticipation of Christmas and the arrival of my own little boy made capturing this family and this little personality even more sweet.

For all the mommas out there, the struggle is worth it! Mariah shared after receiving her gallery that initially after their session she was a little unsure they got anything cute. Not because their son threw any fits (although he could have) but as a mom you see the best of the best of your kids at home. Their little smiles, full personality, giggles and all, and its easy to wonder in an hour session, “Was that worth it?! Did we get anything?” She shared she was “an absolute puddle” after receiving these photos and I am just hear to remind the mommas/families, although I do not dub myself a “family photographer,” I will echo many that I know and say, it’s always worth it. I hope these photos live in frames, albums, baby books on Christmas cards and archives for decades to come. Don’t wait to photograph your family, friends <3